Yo! How you all doin out there?

I’ve not checked in here for a long while. It’ll be interesting to see who has been looking as there have been some page visits but I can’t imagine who might come looking.


I’m starting to think about doing more on here. I’ve nearly finished a project which I will document with some pictures, explanation and hopefully a video demonstration.

Kickstarter knit for life

Had a nice thing in the post today.

I’m a big fan of kick starter projects and this one was a good one.

knit 4 life

I’ll post a picture of me wearing the beanie. It makes me look every inch the trend setter I am…


Trying this thing out with my iPad…

Well, here is my first attempt at a post… I hope that it turns out well. However my first thoughts are that I would very much like to work on the actual site to see how I can improve it, or actually just it my own..


I’ve also added a picture from my camera to see how that works out…